The QIcon class provides scalable icons in different modes and states.

This class is a JS wrapper around Qt's QIcon class

QIcon inherits from Component


const { QIcon } = require("@nodegui/nodegui");
const imageUrl = "path/to/png";
const icon = new QIcon(imageUrl);

new QIcon(imageUrl?)

  • imageUrl string (optional). Absolute path of the image that needs to be loaded in the memory.

Static Methods

QIcon can access all the static methods defined in Component

Instance Properties

QIcon can access all the instance properties defined in Component

Instance Methods

QIcon can access all the instance methods defined in Component Additionally it also has the following instance methods:

icon.pixmap(width, height, mode?, state?) (v0.1.10 & up)

Returns a pixmap with the requested size, mode, and state, generating one if necessary. The pixmap might be smaller than requested, but never larger. . It calls the native method QIcon: pixmap.

  • width: number,
  • height: number
  • mode?: QIconMode
  • state?: QIconState